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Why does anyone still use a Travel Agent?

Explore the benefits of using a professional

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It’s hard to imagine life before the internet. All the information we could ever need on any subject is just a few clicks away and, armed with all that information, it’s theoretically possible for us to become experts on just about anything.

It’s no surprise, then, that we’ve seen a sharp rise in DIY holiday planning, which is often seen as a way to cut costs.

Why, then, do 45% of holidaymakers still prefer to use a travel company or agent (according to ABTA)? Even people in the tech-savvy 18-24 year old age brackets prefer to avoid DIY holidays, with 62% feeling more confident when booking through a travel professional.

The fact is that there’s still no denying the expertise, experience and level of access that travel agents can offer – and even the best comparison websites can’t.

Real world expertise

A travel agent spends all day, every day, embedded in the world of holidays. Planning and booking trips to dream destinations is something they’ve already done countless times. So unless you plan to spend a few years learning about travel, then adopt planning your next trip as a full-time job, there’s no way to achieve the same level of expertise.

In practice, it means your travel agent knows:

  •     Where the best deals are to be found
  •     What different destinations are like at different times of year
  •     Unmissable sights and special events
  •     What other people really thought of their most recent holiday

It’s all information that can be used to guarantee an unforgettable experience at the right price – one that’s tailored to your tastes, expectations and requirements.

Ease and reassurance

From the most elaborate trips to those that are seemingly straightforward, a travel agent can ensure you have a simple and successful holiday experience at each and every stage.

When holidaymakers trust a travel agent to plan their holiday, it’s because they can be certain that every stop, visit and journey has been planned with military precision. Every potential complication has been considered, everything is taken care of and, if anything changes, your agent is just a phone call away.

A premium service… without the premium

Planning and booking your own holiday may seem like a more affordable option, but it’s often a false economy. For only slightly more, can help you avoid the hidden costs of a holiday you may not have considered, from overpriced currency exchange to costly connections.

At the same time, travel agents often have access to deals that simply aren’t available as an individual. Being part of the Not Just Travel group, I have buying power of more than £1 million every day, giving me a unique advantage when it comes to finding a holiday you’ll remember at a price you’ll love.

And finally, it’s a question of value. The right travel agent won’t just give you the same old trip you could’ve picked up through a comparison website. It’s a tailored, one-of-kind holiday where everything is decided with your needs in mind – where every detail is considered and nothing is left to chance.

Take a look at my travel website and if you think I can help you create the perfect holiday, just ask

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